I am a Marketing Design Superhero. My Superpowers enable me to provide Design help to Marketing Departments struggling to keep up with internal and external requests. My services are available when there are Design Emergencies, and are not limited to only Print and Web. Why pay Agency Hitmen or Print-shop Bullies, when Professional, Affordable Help is a only call/email away.

As a Marketing Design Superhero, my powers enable me to rescue those who are in desperate need of Marketing solutions. My enhanced speed allows me to meet your requests faster than agencies and marketing departments only dreamed of. Your projects that have been put on hold can now be completed at a fraction of the agency cost without compromising the quality. My Experience in the Marketing Industry lets me tackle projects in many different types of media, from print to web and beyond. So when you have that Direct mail mock-up, newsletter, website, magazine/banner ad or Presentation that needs to be done yesterday... Don't pay Agency Hit-men or be put on the Marketing waiting list, Help is a only call/email away.
- Lexcorp Media


Is your Brand under attack? Lexcorp Media can provide strategic brand management for your complete range of business advertising requirements. From creation to execution Lexcorp knows how important your image is. Together we can enhances your message and clearly help you separate your business from the competition.


Cant't find your designer? Call Lexcorp. Striking design solutions are relevant to the audience and the task to be performed. In a commercial sense, designs create wantability. Lexcorp can provide help about as fast as you need it.


Was your website built in the 90's? Lexcorp creates a website that complements your business... taking the viewer on a journey with stunning design that flows with your brand, organized for ease of navigation, and with a powerful, engaging messaging. Services include design, development, maintenance and hosting of your website.


Need "Something" done, but not sure what it is? Lexcorp is here to Help. With over 15 Years of experience with Agencies and Marketing departments, Lexcorp has seen it all and have helped create it, or can help you create it. Lexcorp Partners with many diverse suppliers/companies to meet your marketing demands.

Corporate Marketing Departments
Lexcorp Media know how busy in-house creative and marketing teams get. Every department thinks they have you at their beckon call despite your deadlines. We know that you need to own and maintain your brand and, we know you don't have unlimited funds in your budget. We are problem-solvers; we help marketing departments in a number of ways--you can think of us as collaborators, partners, and sometimes co-conspirators. We deliver unique creative and "pinch hit" when your production schedule gets tight or when deadlines loom. Most importantly, we don't have the "agency ego" of the big guys. We are small, nimble, and effective.

Less expensive than an in-house marketing employee
When you hire a full-time marketing employee, not only are you committing to pay for their salary, but you are also committing to paying for benefits, operating expenses, training, vacation and personal time. Often times this overall cost can add as much as 50-75% to the overall cost of the employee above their salary.

How LEXCORP Has Helped

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Logo + B2B Brochure

AutoShow 2013 (PDF)

Client: Justin Poy Agency
Logo + B2B Brochure

AutoShow 2014 (PDF)

Client: Justin Poy Agency

Justin Poy Agency Site

Client: Justin Poy Agency
Product Guide

Product Guide (PDF)

Client: 511 FoodsService
Event Invitation

Event Invite (PDF)

Client: Bier Markt
Spring Feature Menu

Feature Menu (PDF)

Client: Bier Markt
World Cup Promotion

Table Talker (PDF)

Client: Bier Markt
Annual + Financial Report

Annual Report (PDF)

Client: ONT Eye College
Social Media Table Talker

Table Talker (PDF)

Client: Casey's
Direct Mail

Direct Mail (PDF)

Client: Casey's
Steak and Shrimp Menu

Menu (PDF)

Client: Casey's
HR Recruitment Brochure

Brochure (PDF)

Client: Marche
On The Patio Event Material

Event Support (PDF)

Client: Fionn MacCool's
Prime Pubs Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines (PDF)

Client: Fionn MacCool's
Fionn's Late Night Menu

Menu (PDF)

Client: Fionn MacCool's
TADA Education Brochure

TADA Brochure (PDF)

Client: Justin Poy Agency